lobal Centralized Access provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for local and overseas businesses. Having the advantage of high quality, cost effective solutions and services GCA has skills, experiences and resources to help your company achieve higher operational performance.

Call Center Services

Our call center services and contact center services are extensive enough to service any of your businesses needs.

Inbound Call Center Services

Our inbound call center services can help your business acquire customers while reducing your operating costs.

Outbound Services

GCA offers outbound telemarketing to provide you with the most cost productive outbound call center services available.

Telemarketing Services

GCA can develope custom inbound and outbound telemarketing solutions for your business.

24/7 Support

Business can often deviate from the traditional business hours, so can your support. We operate 24/7/365 in order to meet your needs.

Email/Chat Support

Let our expert specialists handle your email and/or chat support so you can focus on your core line of business.

How can we help your business grow?

We have the skills, experiences and resources to help your company achieve it’s goals and increase it’s customer satisfaction scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions that we are most frequently asked about BPO and ITO services.  Have a question or particular query that you don’t see or is not answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where are your call centers located?

Our call centers are located in Clarendon, Jamaica; We are a great nearshore solution for North American based company’s just an hour and a 1/2 from the nearest international airport.

Do you provide 24x7x365 service?

Yes. Global Centralized Access provides 24/7 call center service to ensure we can continually meet your customers need.

Do you provide call recording services?

Yes. GCA is capable of recording calls at client request through a Total Quality Management System. GCA partners have the ability to listen securely to calls taken on their behalf.

Can you send data real time?

Yes. GCA can send data real time via e-mail, HTTP Post or XML.

Versatile Options

We recognize that each customer contact is an opportunity to grow our partners’ business. We pride ourselves on  our ability to deliver on “Doing it right the first time”. It drives the attitude, desire, and commitment of our agents to deliver a “delightful” experience on every contact.


Call Center Outsourcing

Choose a flexible, multi-channel provider you can grow with, GCA.


Communication Solutions

We do it all — lead generation, qualification, sales acquisition, etc…


Community (Gives Back)

We recognize the importance of giving back to the communities we serve.


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